Will the Olympic Games be good for London and Great Britain?

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Do you think the Olympic Games will be good for London and Great Britain as a whole?  The majority of TravelMole readers think it will.   In an age of doom and gloom this could be just what the country needs to lift its spirits and, maybe, give the economy an overdue boost.

Of course, the Games outside of London have already started, with women's football kicking it all off on Wednesday.  The diplomatic faux pas started there too with South Korea's flag being briefly displayed alongside the names of North Korea's team members instead of their own flag.  That's one way to upset our visitors.  There is one visitor amongst the many thousands who knows how to upset us too.  US Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney (an expert in all things Olympic it seems because of his input into the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics 2002) has suggested the G4S debacle and the possibility of a strike by Home Office staff would cause the London Games to descend into chaos.  If anything, Mr Romney needs to keep up with the times.  He made these comments after the strike had been called off and when most of us are well over the G4S shambles and ready to entrust security to our faithful military and police force.

London is a fantastic city and, of course, the Games should be good for it and the wider country too.  If you are travelling to the London Olympics then soak up the unique, once in a lifetime, atmosphere.  Stay safe.  Carry plenty of water and supplies and take care of your belongings.

If you have rejected the plea from British Airway's entertaining campaign to "go after the games" and are heading abroad, content that you will not be missing much, then enjoy your summer holiday. (For more on the difference of opinion over BA's TV ad click here.

One thing is for certain, for good or for bad, the atmosphere and experience in London over the coming weeks is unlikely to ever be the same again. 

Chris Deacon

Solicitor - Claims Abroad team

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