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The first thing I found on my desk was fax received yesterday afternoon after I had left the office. It related to a claim that I am dealing with for a lady who suffered a nasty knee injury following a trip on the pavement. The council's insurance company had accepted liability for the claim and I was now negotiating the value of the claim with their solicitors.

Recently, my client's husband had been suffering heart problems and had been unable to work. Therefore, whilst the sum offered by the insurance company was on the low side, she was tempted to accept it as they were starting to suffer financial difficulties.

However, we agreed that I would try to persuade them to increase the offer and the fax that I received confirmed that they were prepared to increase the offer by the £2000 that I had asked for. I called her straight away to tell her and I think made her day!

Immediately after that call I received more good news.

Another of my clients suffered an injury to his arm when he slipped on a wet floor in a supermarket. The cleaning contractors had failed to put up 'wet floor' signs and so the first that he knew of the floor being wet was when he went flying!

He has been unable to work since the accident, and is having a course of physiotherapy at the moment. The call that I received this morning was from the insurance company agreeing to pay him an interim payment of £1000 to help tide him over until he gets back to work.

That is very unusual as insurance companies will rarely release any money for loss of earnings until we have provided a full medical report to them.

And it's only 9.15!!

Here's hoping the day continues to go this well!!

Julia Prior


Personal Injury team

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