Baby On Board - Help or Hazard?

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A recent survey however revealed that nearly half of the parents who had these stickers in their car did not remove them when their children were not on board and therefore their purpose would be worthless. Also many drivers placed them in their car not for the purpose they were intended but just for novelty value.

These signs are not only being used incorrectly, but are also the cause of accidents themselves. This is due to them becoming a hindrance and obscuring the view on the driver and providing blind spots when driving. A lot of people are placing them in dangerous positions  or covering their vehicle with many novelty stickers.  It is important to remember when driving a vehicle it can be a dangerous weapon, which can cause the loss of life or serious injury, so you need all your senses about you and not compromised.

So, if you are one of many to display these stickers in your car, remember make sure it doesn't cause a blind spot, and only have them visible when your child is in the vehicle, don't be the cause of an accident.

David Chilcott
Associate of the Institute of Legal Executives Personal Injury team

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