Onthebeach.co.uk - have you booked a package holiday?

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The programme featured a number of complaints about the online travel company Onethebeach.co.uk.  The website for Onthebeach.co.uk boasts cheap holidays and all inclusive deals.  It is perhaps of little surprise then that customers who go hunting for a holiday bargain on their website think they are booking a package holiday.  It is only when things go wrong and they need to complain or bring a claim that the complexity of the contractual arrangements unravel.  Onthebeach.co.uk claim to simply be acting as agent for a series of suppliers that will include the airline, accommodation and transfer provider. 

What is the upshot if Onthebeach.co.uk are only acting as agent for the booking?  As a consumer, you will not have the protection offered by the Package Travel Regulations.  These Regulations require the tour operator to ensure the proper performance of the holiday contract, from start to finish, but only where the holiday meets the definition of a package.  Whether a holiday is in fact a package or not will very much turn on the individual consumer's perception.  While it will not be top of the agenda when booking your holiday, if you take notes of any conversations you have with the travel company and the links you click through on a website, this could all help determine whether you have booked a package or not.  The documents which follow the booking are post-contractual and may therefore not form part of the contract for the holiday.This is a complicated area and whether you have a quality complaint or have been involved in an accident abroad, it is always best to seek specialist advice from an expert in travel law and claims abroad. 

Chris Deacon - Solicitor, Claims Abroad

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