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I read an interesting article written by a lawyer based in New Mexico this morning via the PI Legal Network of which I am a member of on LinkedIn.  Oh, the wonders of the internet!  Even if I do have the odd issue in coming to terms with the wonders of technology, I am incredibly thankful for the benefits it offers, both on a professional and personal level.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that when a website takes more than a few seconds to load what is actually going on to achieve this task!  Patience is a virtue after all.
Having travelled extensively throughout my lifetime to date, the internet offers immediate and convenient contact with loved ones whose lives operate on a different time zone to mine.  It offers me immediate and convenient answers to questions, not to mention the wonder of instant shopping!  All without me leaving the house.
With regard to my role as a personal injury lawyer, the internet offers a wealth of information, case law, advice, electronic mailbox - the list goes on and on, not to mention the medium by which to share ideas.  Had it not been for the internet, would I really be reading an article from New Mexico?!
However, the point made by Parrish Collins is a valid one wherever one resides or works.  Be careful what you say on social networking sites, whether it be personal data or potentially libellous material. 
Of particular note is the interest which insurance companies now have in social networking sites.  Insurers are always alert to potential fraud, particular in the world of personal injury claims.  Unfortunately there are occasions when personal injury lawyers and medical experts are fooled into believing that their client is incapacitated or that their injury is worse than actually suffered; after all, why would we not believe our client?  However, if that client then goes on to post photographs of them bungee jumping off the Sydney Harbour Bridge, then they may well find themselves back in Court but this time accused of fraud and/or contempt.  They may actually end up in prison.
Fortunately, most clients are honest and are simply looking for redress for injury and loss that they have suffered at the hands of another due to their negligence and/or breach of statutory duty.  But perhaps this is a telling reminder that honesty always pays.  Let us all spend our time representing those who have a right to claim, without adding fuel to the "compensation culture" debate.  Big Brother is watching you.

Deborah Blackmore

Chartered Legal Executive

Personal Injury team

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