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The Invisible Wounded

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During the First World War, those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) were labelled cowards and hundreds were shot.  Even in the Second World War, battle fatigue sufferers were said to 'lack moral fibre.  During the Vietnam War the Americans finally recognised PTSD as the debilitating condition that we know of today.

The programme covered the individual stories of soldiers who had fought in recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan but also Northern Ireland and the Falklands in 1982.  Did you know that more veterans of Op Corporate (the codename for the Falklands Conflict) have since taken their own lives than were actually killed in the conflict?

I have blogged on this subject before and those readers will know that the stigma of PTSD amongst our troops is the biggest stumbling block.  Many of those with the condition go untreated for many years because they are afraid to admit they have the condition and get help. In my experience, friends and family are ideally placed to help the sufferer pluck up the courage and speak to their doctor and their section commander.  In battle, the brain forces the body to continue on.  Images and experiences are stored up and eventually they can and will rise to the surface, commonly resulting in alcoholism and violence to others and themselves.  Many end up homeless and living on the streets.

Combat Stress works with veterans of conflict who are suffering from mental disorders to deliver specialist treatment.  Read more here about what they do.  This was a great documentary.  Lets get the message out to our guys.  Seek help, now.

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