article about paralysed dogs being treated with injections of stem cells from their noses. These injected cells appear to have helped repair the dogs' spinal cord injuries." />

Amazing stem cell research means paralysed dogs walk again

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In tests that were carried out, the dogs who had received the stem cell injections noticed far greater improvement to their mobility than those who did not. It is hoped that this type of treatment may also be used on humans in due course.

Whilst the treatment does appear to improve mobility, it is currently unclear whether improvements may also be noticed on other functions affected by spinal injury, such as hand function, continence and sexual function. The article acknowledges that for humans these things are often considered to be more important than mobility.

Having seen the effects that spinal injuries have had on some of my clients, I would tend to agree with this and hope that in time the treatment proves to be effective on these problems as well as on mobility issues.

Joanna Catterall
Clinical Negligence team

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