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On listening to the BBC news this morning, the campaign to cut the speed limits to 20mph in all built up areas is still raging on.

Much to my surprise there is still not a 20mph speed limit in place outside all schools in the UK the affected schools are petitioning their local Councils to introduce the lower speed limits.

One of the petitioners is of the mind that by lowering the speed limit to 20mph this may encourage drivers to at least bring their speed down to 30mph and also suggested there is little point in putting speed limits in place if they are not policed because knowing this drivers still do not cut their speed.

Plans were put forward by the Liberal Democrats at their conference in September 2012 to cut speed limits from 30mph to 20mph in residential areas.  It has been suggested this will cut deaths by as much as 70% and also lower motor insurance premiums.  It is argued that by slowing traffic in residential areas it will encourage more parents to allow their youngsters to walk to school which will mean less traffic on the road at peak times.

As discussed in my article on speed a few weeks ago, the Government gave the power to the local Councils some time ago to deal with such issues but here are still some Councils which fail to deliver and make residential areas a safe place for pedestrians and especially children.

If you have not visited Brake's Road Safety Awareness Week and their  #GO20MPH campaign - I urge you to now.

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