The ice is back!

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Unfortunately, most of us are dashing around the shops and/or trying to ensure that the work desk is clear before the festivities kick in at full kilter. It would be difficult, however, not to notice how slippery the roads and pavements are out there, so just a word of warning - be careful!  Well, two words actually.

It should be noted that in these challenging financial times, local Councils cannot possibly clear and grit every street in their borough.  In fact they do not have to.  Nor do they have to grit pavements.  They do not have to even when the economy is flourishing, but they may have more cash in which to do so. Each Council should have a winter policy in place in which they will prioritise their road clearing/gritting requirements.  Main traffic routes will take priority.  Many minor roads will  never see a gritter, nor will many pavements.  Priority may well be given to areas outside schools, hospitals, etc.  Areas where there is a greater risk.

Personally, you should also give careful thought when clearing ice and snow from outside your house.  By so doing, you accept a responsibility for the area and if anyone suffers an injury, you may be liable.   Areas visited by the public such as shops, libraries, leisure centres (to name just a few) should take care to ensure that lawful visitors to their premises do not suffer injury due to slippery surfaces.  But bear in mind, they only have to take REASONABLE steps.

I truly hope that you enjoy the beautiful scenery created by the cold snap (uninjured) but should you suffer injury please let us know so that we can advise you as to whether or not there is likely to be a claim.  We will tell you if there is.  But we will also tell you if there is not. Accidents do happen.  Someone is not always at fault.    

Deborah Blackmore
Chartered Legal Executive
Personal Injury team

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