Fatal Zorbing Accident

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As a zorbanaut I was shocked to read of the zorbing accident that occurred on the 3rd January 2013 in the ski resort of Domba in Russia's North Caucasus.

The story was reported in the MailOnline.

Zorbing involves you getting strapped into a giant plastic ball, or orb, and rolled down a hill!  I experienced zorbing a number of years ago in Swanage.  My experience was very different to that of Denis Burakov.

When I arrived in Swanage I remember thinking how small the hill was that I was to roll down, however once the plastic ball picked up speed I soon realised it was steep enough.  The slope was marked off with barriers and you stopped by gently rolling into hay bales. Mr Burakov's experience I can only describe as shocking.

The experience took place on a snowy mountain with no barriers whatsoever to guide the plastic ball or stop it, only one man was at the bottom of the piste to stop the orb.  Mr Burakov was launched down the slope when it lurched to the left and right before crashing through rocks and off the edge of a cliff.  It came to a stop in dense woodland which prevented rescuers from reaching him promptly. 

When they reached him he was still alive but sadly died on his way to hospital.Investigations have commenced into criminal negligence on the part of the organisers which can result in a maximum penalty of ten years in prison.

I cannot believe the complete lack of health and safety that led to this tragic accident.  To be allowed to go zorbing on a snowy piste in a ski resort is unbelievable and to have no safety measures in place to ensure the orb followed its designated route and to ensure it came to a safe and secure halt is simply unacceptable. 

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