RoSPA- managing safety in schools and colleges

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I often harp on about health and safety in schools what with being a mother, school governor and personal injury lawyer. My usual tack is that it is all about common sense -consider the extent of the risk in any given situation and take appropriately measured steps to avoid such a risk.

Clearly a bungee jumping off Sydney Harbour Bridge will carry a greater risk and require greater avoidance measures than a trip to the library.  Okay, perhaps that is a tad sarcastic, for which I apologise, but the message is clear.  Education is there to teach. It is there to enrich our children and prepare them for the outside world.

I have stated on many occasions how important it is that our children experience life beyond the school walls and that in so doing they become more rounded.   I was therefore thrilled to read an article this morning from the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) about the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) guide : Planning and Leading Visits and Adventurous Activities - Guidance for Schools and Colleges.

I was not happy to read, however, that there are allegedly more accidents in schools than on trips, but I was pleased to see such a helpful publication.  I was pleased, too, to see that trips are to be encouraged, not to be avoided due to fears of litigation and red tape.

Happy adventuring! 

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