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Who are BL Claims Solicitors

BL Claims Solicitors specialise in personal injury, clinical negligence and travel claims, providing our clients with hands-on support, nationally.

We are rated as one of the top firms in the UK and believe in speaking to our clients in jargon-free language and ensuring you're speaking to a highly qualified lawyer right from the outset

The law never stands still.  It is vital that to enable us to advise our client's fully we are all kept up to date which any legislative changes and also any Court rulings that change the law. This happens more than you may think.

The rule regarding case law is that higher Court decisions bind those Courts below them, i.e. their judgments must be followed by the lower Courts. There is no choice - unless there are significant differences in the facts of the case being argued. When kept abreast of current case law we are able to quote the same and use it to support our clients' cases.  Conversely, we are also on notice of case law which may cause our client difficulties and are prepared for such.

Of course training courses are not the only source of updates.  We read updates on a daily basis via the web and/or publications, attend many courses and, of course, speak with other lawyers (not to mention that we also speak with each other!)  There is a plethora of information out there.

However, we are fortunate to work for a firm that supports us all so that we offer a complete and professional service to our clients. For me, the feedback that we receive from our clients is most satisfying.  In particular I take great pride when a client says "I knew what was going on at all times.  Everything was explained to me in non legalese."

We are lawyers that are up to date, professional and approachable.  We will tell you if you have a valid claim.  We will tell you if you don't.  We will also tell you why.  We believe that you have a right to know. 

Deborah Blackmore
Chartered Legal Executive
Personal Injury team

BL Claims Solicitors are here to help

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