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Sudden loss of hearing - the warning signs

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At age 20 Jessica suddenly, and without warning, noticed a ringing in her right ear.  Within a few hours the ringing had disappeared but worryingly she then realised she couldn't hear with her right ear. She telephoned the hospital for advice and was told that her hearing should come back within 6 weeks.  However, it didn't and in fact her symptoms got worse in that she experienced feelings of giddiness and nausea. She eventually went to hospital, having been somewhat put off by their initial reaction and advice, and after undergoing hearing tests was told she only had 10% hearing in her right ear and the hearing loss was irreversible.  Fortunately Jessica was fitted with a hearing aid that fits inside the ear canal and couldn't be seen, something that was important to Jessica in her career was a model and actress.  The hearing aid has worked wonders and Jessica can now "hear everything".

Deafness Research UK have advised that sudden hearing loss affects tens of thousands of people in the UK every year.  The cause is often unknown but can vary from a blow to the head, contracting a disease like measles or a lack of blood flow. Sudden hearing loss should be treated as an emergency and the sooner treatment is sought and administered the greater the chances of reducing the hearing loss sustained.   Treatment is by way of steroids and in order to try and reduce the extent of the hearing loss should be given within 72 hours.It is strongly recommended that if you experience a sudden profound hearing loss lasting for several hours, which may be associated with symptoms of dizziness, tinnitus or pressure in the ears that you see your GP or go to A & E immediately. 

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