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But, if you think about it, how many moped riders wear protective clothing?  A helmet yes, but that's normally it.

The Think! Bike campaign has issued detailed guidance on safety clothing and equipment.  Their motto is "Steer Clear of Second-Hand Gear". 

Jackets and Trousers

According to research carried out by the Transport Research Laboratory at 50mph tarmac will shred through jeans within one second and take skin down to the bone.  It is recommended that all riders wear biking leathers, however this is not practical or financially viable for everyone.  Instead ensure that your chosen alternative offers abrasion protection and contains body armour for impact protection.  The body armour absorbs and spreads the force of a direct blow.  Always look out for the CE label which is proof the item has been tested to European standards.


If you fall in the street your instant response is to put your hands out to protect yourself.  The same applies if you are involved in a crash.  It is important that your gloves offer protection without reducing your ability to operate the controls.


One of the most common biking injuries are broken ankles and crush injuries to the foot.  Boots should be sturdy and above ankle height in order to provide support and protection.


Look out for the SHARP rating scheme when buying a helmet and always buy brand new.  Make sure the helmet fits you correctly.  For more information about the SHARP rating scheme, follow this link.

One final tip, wear florescent or bright colours in the daytime and reflective strips at night.  If you are a Rossi fan this shouldn't be to much trouble for you!

So, please wear protective clothing.  It could prevent you from sustaining serious injuries.  Oh, and it will stop my husband ranting on and on and on and on . . . .

Karen Thompson

Senior Legal Executive - Personal Injury team

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