Could you represent yourself in court?

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The insurer of the negligent party would not have to pay your legal fees.  Your local qualified lawyer (not one of those companies sending you text messages and advertising on tv; they are not lawyers) can and will help you, but you personally may be responsible for paying their fees from any damages you may be awarded by the court.

Of course I hear you say; "that's not right it wasn't my fault!".   This will have a devastating effect on justice within the UK but few people know about it.  You will if it happens to you, your spouse, your child...

The Justice Minister Chris Grayling MP said yesterday that "...the small claims court is more of a mediation environment than a combative legal environment " Clearly he hasn't stepped foot in any court for some considerable time.  I would agree that the small claims court is the ideal venue for disputes over say a dodgy building job or car repair.  I can assure you that it is not the place to determine negligence and award damages for damaged flesh and bone, especially for an unrepresented individual, like you. I would urge you to ask your MP if they support Mr Grayling.     

Grant Evatt
Senior Associate
Personal Injury team

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