Tattoo Regulation 2013

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He decided to launch his campaign after hearing numerous horror stories of tattoos going wrong, becoming infected or carried out by unqualified tattooists.As I understand it there are limited regulations in the tattoo industry and no qualifications are required or proof of training or experience needed to open your own tattoo studio.  You can even set up a mobile tattoo business from home.  All that is required to open a tattoo studio is that the premises must have wipe able surfaces, hot running water and an autoclave, used to sterilise equipment.  Isn't that crazy?  You are undergoing a procedure to permanently mark your body and there are no regulations or qualifications required!

Local councils require individuals to have a certain level of training, preferably at least two years, and a basic level of knowledge about tattooing and how to be safe and sterile.  Sometimes a test needs to be taken and a certificate awarded when passed.  However, whilst this applies to those choosing to open a tattoo studio, it doesn't exactly sound difficult does it?  Furthermore, councils are licensing people to work from homes.  How do they, in this environment, control hygiene and sterile requirements? It appears that only a small number of people bother to obtain a licence.

I, along with my colleagues, have dealt with claims against tattooists for tattoo's that have gone wrong.  The consequences of this can be horrendous and often permanent.   If a tattoo is not done correctly it can lead to permanent scarring and infection as well as more serious blood borne diseases such as hepatitis b, hepatitis c and HIV.

Kevin Paul launched his campaign in the Daily Mail  and is due to appear on Radio 4 this week and to visit the Houses of Parliament to discuss legislation with MP's.  More details can be found on the Facebook page "Tattoo Regulation 2013" I know I will be supporting it - will you? 

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