Hampshire Neurological Alliance Training Day

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It was well attended with over 50 clinicians, carers and other professionals all interested in long term neurological conditions. The day was one of two halves,  as most are! In the morning we heard informative presentations from professionals on the topics of Motor Neurone Disease,  Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's and Acquired Brain Injury and then the afternoon followed with real life experiences from individuals suffering from each disease and their own unique personal perspective.  I find these personal stories so compelling as it is always interesting to hear from those who actually use and are supposed to benefit from health and social care services what their actual experience is and how they and their families have coped with their diagnosis.

What came across in the talks was that no two people are alike.   We are all individuals who deal with these life events in different ways.  This makes the provision of services very difficult because some want to know all about their condition immediately so they know what they may face,  whereas others do not want to be told the worst case scenario because it may not happen to them. I have to say it was a thoroughly interesting day and well worth attending.

I know a lot about Acquired Brain Injury through the cases I run and my involvement with Headway. The other diseases, not so much. I did not realise that it can take at least a year,  sometimes much longer to diagnose Motor Neurone Disease.
There is no test at present to ascertain what type of the disease an individual has,  that is only ascertained by watching and waiting to see how the symptoms develop.  This was really sobering when the most aggressive form which accounts for 85% of all cases is terminal, with a life expectancy of around between 4 -5 years from onset of symptoms.

If you want to know more about the Hampshire Neurological Alliance,  then take a look at their website. Their aim is to obtain the best possible care and support for all people living in Hampshire and Isle of Wight who are affected by a neurological condition. I hope they run one next year and are very welcome to return to our Chandlers Ford Office.

Claire Howard

Partner - Personal Injury team

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