Are tougher laws required to prevent further dog attacks on private land?

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Should there a new law to prosecute those whose dogs attack people on private property? This is a difficult question because I don't think that many owners "allow" their dogs to attack people.

Dogs can be unpredictable and we know that certain types are more likely to attack than others,  which is reflected in the current Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. The aim of this act was to make it unlawful for dog owners to allow their  'pets'  to be uncontrolled or aggressive in public places and, to prevent the cross-breeding of these types of dog.

The question is whether the current law goes far enough in protecting the public from aggressive and dangerous dogs, especially when the attack occurs on private land, such as your own home. The tragic story of  Clifford Clarke aged 79, who last weekend was attacked and killed by his neighbours a dog in his own front garden highlights the problem we face. The breed was reportedly a bull-mastiff cross.

There have been far too many number of vicious dog attacks of late and this is a very serious example of why there is not enough legal protection in the current law for attacks on private land.There is currently a Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Bill being passed through Parliament to extend the Dangerous Dogs legislation to make it an offence for a dog to be dangerously out of control in any place, including all private property, so watch this space. 

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