Heading to France this summer?

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If you are heading to France for your holiday this summer, here are a few tips that you may find useful.
  • If you travel by car, make sure you have adequate breakdown and car insurance cover. What if you have a serious accident? Would you be repatriated to the UK? Check those small prints. Invest in a good travel insurance.
  • Get your European Health Insurance Card. It is so easy and quick and could save you quite a bit of money.
  • Keep on the right side of the road and do not forget this when you cross the road as a pedestrian. Also being on the pedestrian crossing does not mean that the vehicles will stop to let you cross the road. Take extra care.
  • If another car flashes their lights at you, this does not mean they let you through. They are warning you of the presence of the police/speed cameras.
  • Park your vehicle in a safe area. Avoid parking near large tower blocks. Stealing and/or burning cars is sadly rather common in France. If you have a foreign registered vehicle, you make a very attractive target (there are more than 40000 burnt cars every year in France).
  • If you have an accident, make sure you take as much detail as you can from the other party. You will need to complete a "constat amiable". Insist that you do. Every single driver in France has one in their vehicle. It is compulsory. The third party will need to write down their name, address and their full insurance details. Each party at the bottom describes how the accident happened. Write down your version even if in English, and sign. One carbon copy is for you to keep.
  • Since 3 January 2012 French laws have prohibited drivers from carrying any device capable of detecting speed cameras. If you have a sat nav capable of doing this, just disable it and watch for those flashing lights.
  • You will have crossed the channel so you will have your passport with you. In France you must always carry an identity card with you. It is an arrestable offence not to. So even when you go out for a stroll in town have your passport with you.

On a happy note, if you are heading to France, there are some nice people, food and wine is delicious, and everything is cheaper and bigger than over here.  Bon voyage!  

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