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If you are pursing, or have pursued, a claim for personal injury you may at some point have heard reference to ATE (after the event) insurance.  Such a policy of insurance was, until last year, recently taken out to protect you against paying the Defendants costs and your solicitors disbursements if you were unsuccessful in bringing your claim.

I am always intrigued in what other people get up to during the day. Some might call it nosiness! So, to satisfy my curiousness I thought I'd ask other professionals working in this area of law to share their average, if there is such a thing, day.

Mark Rhoder is Head of ATE and Special Risks for DAS. Here is what he had to say:

“It’s Monday, it’s 5.00 am and I leave my West Sussex home for Bristol arriving at 7.30 am at my Bristol apartment where I stay for the first half of the week. I then, park up and walk the 15 minutes into work.

Although my title is Head of ATE and Special Risks, it is the latter that takes up the majority of my time. I am busy with a number of European projects from the Czech Republic and Poland to Greece, Spain and Italy. However, most of my time is taken up with a major US project where I am resigned to spending a significant proportion of my time over the next couple of years, not good for somebody who hates travelling! I might as well finally give up the diet; even salads come big enough to feed my family for a week and arrive covered in the most unhealthy dressings you could possibly design. The Munich Re America restaurant is everything you imagine of a US canteen– pizzas made to order, burgers made from steaks minced in front of you and astonishment from the staff at how little I eat for lunch. And of course there is the fact that Americans don’t speak English - at least not the same English we speak. My faux pas are too numerous and embarrassing to mention, especially to the sensitive souls at Blake Lapthorn.

Our US office is in Princeton, New Jersey, just outside New York and home to the Ivy League University. Princeton is essentially a Georgian Town and so looks very British. It is the wealthiest education establishment in the world. Good job too, because everything is expensive. A 5 minute taxi ride will cost you at least £30 plus tip. The students lead an affluent life with expensive restaurants and bars being popular – a far cry from universities in the UK. The universities 30,000 all-seater sports stadium is quite a sight to a jealous Pompey fan as, indeed, is the somewhat unnerving sight of male cheerleaders practising.

With 311 million citizens, the US is a key target for any company and mine is no exception. The potential market is eye watering and I struggle to get my head around the number of noughts in my financial model. Let us hope that there are some noughts in my bonus after all of this; I might be able to afford to move to Princeton!”

Another big part of my job is responsibility for the Project Management Team. DAS is in a period of rapid change and so our Project Management Team is busy with a huge variety of national and international projects, all of which I need to keep on top of. Time is precious and spaces in my diary rare but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love to be busy and love to feel like I am making a difference and adding value.

Most days involve several international conference calls so my ability to understand heavily accented English has improved enormously. Unfortunately my ability to speak any foreign language has not. How lucky we are that English remains the international language of business; all meetings at Munich Re are conducted in English. Once the day is over, then the fact that I am the only member of the Senior Management Team staying in central Bristol means that I am often on entertainment duty. Usually enjoyable but tiring by the time that Thursday afternoon comes and I make a break for freedom back home. I live in rural West Sussex so I look forward to sleeping in my own bed and awoken by the sounds of birds signing rather than early morning city centre traffic. Fridays, working from home are busy but being in my own home is just fantastic”

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