Tombstoning. Enough. It's time to stop.

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Every year I can guarantee that I will read in the local papers the dangers of tombstoning and yet every year you see young people still doing it.  Only on Sunday I was driving over the Redbridge Causeway and noted a couple of teenagers loitering around clearly intending to jump off.  A couple of hours later when I was returning home there was a crowd of over 50 teenagers all in the throes of jumping off or being encouraged to do so by onlookers.

Tombstoning for those that don’t know involves jumping into water from a great height.  The name is said to come from the aim of entering the water upright and straight, like a tombstone.

South Central Ambulance Service has warned people to avoid jumping due to the unknown dangers and hazards that lurk beneath the water line.

Tombstoning is popular in Southampton where youngsters often jump off bridges and cliffs into the Itchen and Test.  Where I saw people jumping off, the Redbridge Causeway, is one of the more popular hotspots where the leap is some 25 feet above the water. 

The Royal Life Saving Society UK, the drowning prevention charity, has appealed to people to take note of the simple safety messages to avoid a repeat of last summer's tragedies when many people lost their lives cooling off in the open water not suitable for swimming. 

Every year you read or hear of at least one tragedy or life changing injury caused by tombstoning.  Let's try and make this year different. Please take the time to look at the following website.

(Source: Daily Echo)

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