Ebola - should we be worried?

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Almost every day at the moment we hear stories in the news about the Ebola virus in West Africa.  How serious a threat is this on people in the UK? We are being reassured that the threat is small, and outbreaks of Ebola are certainly nothing new, but there is concern amongst health professionals about the size of this particular outbreak.

Ebola spreads through blood and bodily fluids and at first starts suddenly with flu like symptoms. Gradually it gets worse; diarrhoea, vomiting, a rash, stomach pain and impaired kidney and liver function may all follow afterwards. Sufferers bleed internally, as well as from the ears, mouth and nose. About 90 % of people who are infected and untreated die of the condition. At the moment there is no known cure.

People who are in the most danger of being infected are those who have close contact with infected people or who handle samples from patients.

Fortunately the virus is not airborne, so it is not as infectious as the flu virus for example. This means that you are unlikely to catch Ebola just from travelling on the same plane as someone who is infected, unless there is close physical contact with that person.

So in summary there is no need to panic! But we do need to be aware of the risks and be more cautious, especially if you are travelling to a region where Ebola has been detected.

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