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Last year I was approached by a lovely lady who was terribly worried about a claim being brought against her.

She had allowed a friend to ride her horse out on a hack when unexpectedly the horse misbehaved, the friend fell off and was injured. She subsequently received a solicitor's letter claiming for damages against her. At first she had tried to deal with the matter herself by replying to the letter of claim, but the solicitor would not withdraw the claim and so she came to see me.

On reading the letter and discussing the circumstances with her it was clear from my legal and equine knowledge that she was in no way liable for the claim. The Claimant was in fact a much more experienced rider than my client was and was well aware of the risks of horse riding. The Claimant's solicitor whilst understandably having sympathy for her, really failed to understand the equine issues involved. He had no understanding of horse behaviour.

On my client's behalf I investigated the circumstances of the accident in order to prepare her defence. I spoke to witnesses who knew my client, the injured Claimant as well as the horse, and that confirmed my opinion that the claim really would never succeed. I wrote a detailed response to the solicitors sending him the evidence that I had collected. However, when I spoke to him it was still obvious that he simply did not 'get it' and was still adamant that he would pursue the claim.

There is a 3 year time limit which applies to any personal injury claim and so having responded to the claim, we could do nothing more than wait and see what the Claimant and her solicitor would do. We know that she contacted the same witnesses that I had spoken to, to see if they would help support the claim.

Now, after a further long year of worry for my client I was pleased to be able to report to her today that I have today received confirmation that they are no longer pursuing the claim.

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