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Anyone who has been caught speeding will know what this training course was all about!

Yes, I hold my head in shame I was caught speeding. 46mph in a 40mph by a mobile police camera. I hold my hands up. I have no excuse. I was simply not aware I was speeding and apparently I am not the only one. Simply mentioning I was going on the course to my work colleagues and it appears that a number of us have been caught and consequently attended the drivers awareness training course.

The course was, surprisingly, actually quite good! Informative in their message but in a relaxed and, sometimes amusing, environment.

One part of the course that particularly caught my attention was reference to the word "suddenly". In the context of reading the word "suddenly" on an insurance claim form for a motor accident what would you read into it? Fault on the other party for their actions? No, the insurers will read this as we were not paying attention because if something happens suddenly it can equally, if not more often than not, mean that we were not fully paying attention to the road and our surroundings because if we were then perhaps we would have seen the hazard that "suddenly" appeared.

So, for fellow colleagues take note, if we see the word "suddenly" referred to on those all-important accident reports or medical records and, for those of you to be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident if you feel yourself using the word "suddenly" to describe the accident stop and think. Were you really in the wrong? Could you be partly responsible for the accident?

And for everyone else. Don’t speed.

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