Cycling and the Law

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There has been a massive increase in cyclists generated by our great success in the Tour de France, Olympics and various other competitive events.

As an Iron Man triathlete since 2000, I have seen a massive increase in the number of cyclists on the road. Consequently there are a lot more accidents involving cyclists and they can often be severe as they have little or no protection. The law relating to cycling is contained in the Highway Code, civil law and criminal law. There are a number of misconceptions but the true position is as follows.

  • Wearing of cycling helmets is not obligatory. However, it has been clearly demonstrated that cycling helmets reduce injury, particularly at lower velocity impacts.
  • Cyclists do not have to use cycling lanes, although it is usually safer and better to do so.
  • Flashing lights are permitted and it is recommended that cyclists who are riding in areas without street lighting use a steady front lamp.
  • Bus lanes can usually be used by cyclists.
  • Cyclists are allowed to cycle two abreast but it is polite to move to single file if it is making road use difficult for other road users.
  • Cyclists must not hold onto a moving vehicle!
  • When overtaking cyclists, motorists should not get too close and allow plenty of room.
  • Motorists are under a duty to look out for cyclists due to their vulnerabilities.

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