Overworked elves = Faulty toys

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It's that festive time of year again when Santa's elves work day and night to make all the toys for those good children out there.

However, those pesky elves can become competitive and with the pressures of Christmas day approaching mistakes are made. Anyone who has seen the festive classic film "Santa Claus – The Movie" know what I am talking about! Ahhhhh, love that film, it’s a Christmas Eve must watch tradition!

You would reasonably expect that when purchasing a brand new item off the shelf that it would have been safety checked and been deemed safe to sell to the public. So if you have an accident and you are injured as a result of that faulty product you may be entitled to claim for personal injury compensation. Of course, it doesn’t just apply to toys at Christmas. You may have brought a bed, slept in it for the first time and it collapses. This happened to a client of mine and he successfully brought a claim for personal injury and was awarded compensation. You can make a claim against the manufacturer of the faulty product or the person/company who sold it to you.

So, what do you do if that essential must have toy doesn’t work as it should? Well, after drying your child's tears and calming them down with a chocolate treat from their selection box...you would need to prove that another person was responsible for your personal injury.

I recommend that you report the product to the person responsible for it as soon as possible; ideally the shop you brought it from and the manufacturer, take photographs of the damaged item and any injuries you have sustained, take names and addresses of witnesses to the accident and keep your original purchase receipt.

Finally, ditch that letter to Santa and write to me. Us elves in the personal injury department can work wonders!

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