Health & Safety New Year Resolution

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Health & Safety New Year Resolution

Those that follow my blogs will know that I often blog on the myths surrounding health and safety. You know, when health & safety is used as an excuse?

Many people believe that health & safety has "gone mad"; that we live in a compensation culture. But the truth is that health & safety is there for a reason, i.e. in the words of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), for "saving lives, not stopping people living them."

Take, for example, the chippy who would not let a customer put on their own salt and vinegar on their take away because "they could not be sure where the customers' hands had been". This may well be a trite example, but the principle is the same. Many decisions are not made in the name of health & safety, but simply because it is easier and/or cheaper, and so the list goes on.

This year the HSE have launched their 40th anniversary year with a bid to stop this culture. May this succeed and allow a sensible and proper use of the Health & Safety tool.

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