2 in 5 UK drivers are considering installing a dashboard camera

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Dashboard camera

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I was intrigued to read recently that according to research from the RAC 2 in 5 UK drivers are considering installing a dashboard camera. It has been suggested by the insurance industry that these cameras may be useful in cutting fraudulent claims.

The example that comes to mind is the much reported practice of someone deliberately breaking harshly at roundabouts, junctions or traffic lights so as to cause the vehicle behind them to collide with them. The significance here is that there tends to be a presumption at law that if someone goes into the back of the vehicle in front they will be the party at fault for failing to maintain a sufficient separation distance to have enabled them to have reacted to the actions of the driver in front.

As is very often the case the insurance industry are using a few isolated and much publicised scams to lobby the government for yet more changes to the way that personal injury claims are conducted that would shift the balance even further to the detriment of the genuinely injured claimant.

Coming back to the issue of dashboard cameras it does strike me that their usefulness does not simply relate to potentially uncovering fraudulent claims. They may also prove extremely helpful in determining fault in relation to genuine accidents. There can clearly not be much better evidence than a recording of the accident itself, albeit each recording will be limited only to the perspective of the party whose car contained the dashboard camera. Given the amount of drivers that are apparently considering installing these it will be interesting to see if such evidence becomes more prevalent in road traffic accident personal injury claims. However, given that only around 4% of drivers currently have a dashboard camera installed I think the time that dashboard camera recordings become a regular feature of road traffic accident personal injury claims may be some way off yet.

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