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From taking out travel insurance to ensuring your passport is up to date, read our top tips to a carefree holiday.
  1. Travel insurance – we know it's an extra thing to think about, but you really need to get travel insurance once you have booked your trip. Whether it's a weekend in Paris or a lifetime luxury holiday, if you have a fall or a nasty accident, travel insurance protection can save you a lot of money and worry. Travellers to the US should always have insurance in place, as the recent case of the prematurely born baby which caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills showed. Had the parents taken out travel insurance, they would not have faced the worry and would not have had to reply on the kindness of friends, family and strangers to pay off their bills.

    And although we know it's boring, do actually check you are covered for the country you are visiting and that the activities you are planning are included in the cover. Turkey and Egypt are not in Europe, so you will need extended cover and ballooning trips, diving or quad biking may well need extra cover as it's classed as hazardous.

  2. Ensure your passport is up to date and that you have all the visas you need. Don't just reply on your tour operator or booking agent telling you all is well. We are regularly approached by people who are not allowed to fly or not allowed on a cruise ship as they do not have the correct documentation. It is really very difficult to bring any claim for compensation, because you did not check the visa or passports. It has caused more than one family to have to break off a much-anticipated holiday!

  3. If you are booking a holiday home, please make sure the person renting it out is legitimate. Sites such as or act as agents for the actual owners renting the homes out. They are the equivalent of people advertising in paper newspapers and are not necessarily liable for any fraud or anything that goes wrong. If you are paying out thousands of pounds for a rental, it may be worthy taking out insurance to guard against fraud, which some sites offer. Any requests for monies to be sent by Western Union or similar companies should raise a red flag. If the bank account to whom you are transferring the money has an IBAN, check the country prefix – if the owner is claiming to be resident in one country, are the monies are going to a different country? Lastly, if it looks and sounds too good to be true, a lot of the time it is!

  4. Booking flights and accommodation separately may be cheaper, but be aware that you’re not as well covered if, for example, a company goes out of business. If you've booked a package holiday, you’re protected by extra regulations and have more protection if something goes wrong or you have an accident.

  5. From personal experience, it pays to keep a copy of your passport and travel documentation in the hotel or another bag. If you are pickpocketed, it is much easier to deal with the aftermath.

  6. You may want to consider paying any amounts over £100 by credit cards. They offer an extra layer of protection and rights as against a debit card or cash payment.

  7. Think about any excursions you may wish to book. Whilst many excursion providers are legitimate and genuine companies, if you are booking an excursion with a local company in a souk in Morocco and pay in cash then the rights and protections you have are not going to be equivalent to booking the excursion with a UK tour operator.

Of course, in the vast majority of cases holidaymakers experience no problems. However, you may wish to keep the above in mind at the time of booking in order to ensure a relaxing and safe holiday.

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