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Who are BL Claims Solicitors

BL Claims Solicitors specialise in personal injury, clinical negligence and travel claims, providing our clients with hands-on support, nationally.

We are rated as one of the top firms in the UK and believe in speaking to our clients in jargon-free language and ensuring you're speaking to a highly qualified lawyer right from the outset

I am often asked – are you a Solicitor? No, I am a Chartered Legal Executive. "Oh, so you're not a Solicitor then?" is the common response.

Actually, I am a Lawyer. Chartered Legal Executives are qualified Lawyers specialising in their area of work. They are Commissions for Oaths and have Rights of Audience in Court Chambers. They can also apply for extended Rights of Audience in open Court. They can run their own Legal Practice. They are able to apply for Judicial roles and can also apply to be appointed as a Cornoner. As with Solicitors, Chartered Legal Executives must adhere to their Code of Conduct and are required to comply with continued professional development to keep abreast of changes in the law.

Chartered Legal Executives qualify via study with the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx). They must then complete a period of qualifying employment. Almost always they study while working in the legal industry, gaining valuable experience along the way. Once qualified, they are already familiar with the practicalities of legal practice and client needs.

From a personal perspective, I studied in later life having pursued a previous career in sales and marketing, amongst other activities such as running my own business support service. As such, I came into law with a broad range of transferrable skills and an understanding "from the other side of the fence" so to speak. I am proud to call myself a Chartered Legal Executive – a Lawyer with both expertise and empathy. And one with a wealth of life experience.

Should you wish to know more about CILEx please follow this link - We are on Facebook – search " Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx)" and the CILEx Law School can be found by searching "CILEx Law School". We are also on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Southampton Branch of CILEx can be found on Twitter at @sotoncilex and we are also on Facebook (CILEx Southampton Branch). I am currently joint Vice Chair of the Branch. 

If you would like to know more, whether in terms of training or as a client, please just give me a call!

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