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Dying without dignity report

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Health Ombudsman

I was horrified to hear on the Today programme this morning about the Health Ombudsman's findings in their report Dying without dignity. More …

New local centre to research work related pain

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As an avid reader of our local paper, Southern Daily Echo I am always on the lookout for any interesting news stories that I can pass on to you via my informative blogs! More …

Holiday heart syndrome: Drink sensibly this summer!

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Whilst you're enjoying that well deserved alcoholic beverage on the beach this summer it may be worth keeping in mind the impact on your health. More …

The dangers of working as a road worker

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Road works

We have all been there stuck behind temporary traffic lights or traffic signs because of road works. It can be very frustrating because it adds time to our journey. More …

Forth degree tear not negligent

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New born baby

Recently I read an interesting article relating to clinical risks. This stated that a fourth degree tear during labour may not always be a negligent occurrence as the seriousness of the degree of tear would suggest. More …