Tourist's guide to the Greek crisis

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British nationals make about 2 million trips to Greece. Now that banks are limiting the amount that can be taken out of banks, tourists are travelling with more cash than they would normally take to Greece.

It is important that tourists review the travel insurance policies before taking so much cash with them. A lot of polices will cover up to say £200 or £300, but often lower. Younger tourists of 18 or under may well have no cover for lost cash. Some insurers are raising the cover that they provide for cash.

Advice is to keep cash in a safety deposit box when it is to be stored, and to split cash up between family members when carrying it. It is important to keep cash and any other items of value safe and secure at all times. If they are not kept safe and secure, an insurer may be able to void any claim made.

Bank ATMs should still work for tourists, but there are reports of long queues and ATMs not holding enough cash. Credit and some debit cards should be working fine, but there are reports of smaller shops and restaurants refusing cards as they then find it difficult to withdraw money from the banks.

There is some advice to check hotels or holiday companies not already paid for to see if anything can be pre-paid in sterling.

Importantly, all travellers should take any necessary medical supplies. There are reports of a shortage of medical supplies.

There are reports of strikes that are being called at short notice, that can cause a great deal of disruption.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website is a great source of information

In case of an emergency, the emergency services in Greece can be contacted on 112. Calling 999 from a UK mobile whilst in Greece should automatically transfer you to the Greek emergency services.

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