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Now I am a festive person, the Christmas cd is in the car and I can be found happily humming away on my journey into work, but my job today is to warn you of the hazards of Christmas.  So, I shall allow my inner scrooge to take over with a festive fact.  Did you know that over 1,000.00 people are injured every year from their Christmas tree?  How you may ask?  Well I can tell you...

Firstly people have injured their eyes whilst decorating the tree by branches or pine needles, they have fallen off chairs and ladders whilst trying to secure the fairy on top of the tree or they have been knocked over by an unsecure tree.  To avoid these incidences I recommend you decorate the tree carefully, use a sturdy chair or ladder to climb on and ensure your tree is in a safe place where it can't be knocked over.  If you chose to have an artificial tree, firstly shame on you as you can't beat the smell of a real tree, then make sure it is fire resistant and kept a safe distance from the fireplace or heater. 

Now on to lights.  Make sure your fairy lights comply with EU regulations and inspect them carefully when you unpack them for the first time each year before plugging them in.  Those pesky mice in the loft can chew and fray the wires and you don’t want an electric shock.  Keep them away from water.  My husband this year decided to drape fairy lights around our kitchen and water from the sink sprayed them and promptly shocked him when he moved them out of the way!  I'll admit it was funny to watch but on a serious note it could have caused a nasty injury.

If you like a festive candle glow around your home don’t forget to keep them away from tinsel and wrapping paper and blow them out at the end of the day.

I shall conclude this blog with my advice on food and drink, bearing in mind I am writing this whilst recovering from our work Christmas party!, it is easy to drink more than usual over the party season.  Alcohol can make accidents more likely so have fun by all means but perhaps alternate your alcoholic drinks with water or soft drinks, now why didn’t I follow that advice last night…! Don’t drink too much whilst cooking the Christmas dinner as boiling pans, sharp knives and mulled wine are not a winning combination and you don’t want a champagne cork popping in your face!  More Christmas accidents occur in the kitchen than anywhere else.  Wipe up spillages as soon as they happen, wash your hands after handling raw meat and make sure the turkey is cooked through.  You don’t want to give the in laws food poisoning….

Now I am banishing scrooge and bringing back my inner elf.  Merry Christmas to all!

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