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Hover boards have been the new 'want' this year and are in the running for being the top of many peoples Christmas lists. However, they are not quite as magical as portrayed in the Back to the Future films with many hover boards being reported as dangerous. There are growing safety concerns surrounding the boards and retailers, such as, Amazon have even withdrawn the product from their websites.

Hover boards can be great fun, if used correctly and if they meet safety standards. Please be careful when buying one; be vigilant, cautious and ask questions. There have been numerous reports of some models of the boards blowing up and catching fire when they are charging. You must ask yourself- has the supplier ensured you that the board meets safety standards and specific requirements? If they haven't and there is no evidence they are safe, this should ring alarm bells.

Fire brigades across the UK have already seen a number of explosions and devastating fires linked to the boards, most of which are being imported from China. Now trading standards and the Government are warning the boards pose a real threat. 15,000 out of 17,000 boards checked at ports across the UK in recent weeks have been ruled unsafe and seized.

It is not just their random explosive qualities of these boards that raise concern. Tragically, a 15 year old boy recently lost his life when he was travelling on his hover board and was hit by a bus in West London. The CPS have released a statement saying self-balancing scooters are only allowed on private property, and it is illegal to ride them on public roads and pavements.

The CPS also views them as a motor vehicle, and would require registration and a vehicle registration licence. The person riding the hover board would also need a driving licence and motor insurance.

Please be careful with your purchases! Maybe we'll find a safe way to go to the future soon……


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