Do you have Glastonbury ankle?

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So, first things first – hands up if you went to Glastonbury this year? Those with their hands still up – are you suffering from the new medical phenomenon known as "Glastonbury ankle"? 

I was amused to read an article in The Daily Mail that due to the horrendous weather conditions for Glastonbury this year resulting in one of the worse mud baths ever, a number of attendees to the festival suffered sprains, twists and fractures after wading through the mud in their wellington boots.  

It has been noted that soaring numbers of revellers have reported such injuries as a result of dragging their feet through knee deep mud in their wellies.  It was widely reported in the news that the rain and mud had hit Glastonbury with a vengeance before the festival even began and sadly continued throughout the duration of the long weekend.  As a result people were having to prise their feet from the sludge resulting in a number of accidents and injuries.

London based physiotherapist Sammy Margo commented, "It is unsurprising people became injured after walking through muddy fields in wellies.  Walking through mud is like walking through treacle.  It's exhausting so people will be left with sore muscles.  Those aren’t short distances between stages so people will most likely injure themselves walking in between acts.  Most people will be wearing wellington boots - which are not ideal, as they don’t offer any support.  They're just loose plastic shells.  Most people only get them out three times a year so they don’t fit them and they've got too much space around their feet.  The welly stays in the mud, the ankle moves as the person tries to drag up their feet and they roll over their ankle.  This can lead to a sprain, where the ligaments – the bits of string holding bone to bone – get stretched beyond their limits and tear."

This is of course all rather tongue in cheek but if you have sustained an ankle injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault then please do contact me for a chat.

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