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Staying safe in the countryside

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Walking through a field of farm animals can be very dangerous - They move quickly and can swiftly pen you in. Here is what you need to know in order to stay safe in the countryside. More …

What is the victims' 'Right to Review Scheme'?

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Following the news that The Crown Prosecution Service have decided not to proceed with any criminal charges against Sir Cliff Richard, after a second review of evidence, Malcolm Johnson reviews the Victims' Right to Review Scheme and what it involves. More …

Honey may help prevent hospital infections

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Munuka honey

Research that has been carried out at the University of Southampton has provided promising evidence that Manuka honey, may in future be able to assist in preventing the development of infection from indwelling plastic medical devices such as indwelling catheters. More …

7th Annual Oxford Neurosurgical Conference

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I was lucky enough yesterday to attend the 7th annual Oxford neurosurgical conference. Whilst it is always interesting to attend legal updates, as a nurse working in law it is always refreshing and professionally stimulating to attend study days with a strong emphasis on the medical content More …

Is driving a right or a privilege?

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Driver behind wheel

For many in this country, driving is a rite of passage and of vital importance as a tool for independence. Problems arise with how we treat drivers who show a complete lack of regard for other road users. If the dangerous are permitted to drive then that affects the safety of us all. More …

Should more of us be prescribed Statins?

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A report on BBC Health today suggests that the benefits of statins are underestimated, should more people therefore be prescribed them? More …

Employer responsibility – what is vicarious liability?

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Bad news for employers but good news for victims. I was pleased to read of two Supreme Court rulings which seek to expand even further and consolidate the legal principle of vicarious liability. More …

2000 Children reported for indecent images

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What does the law say about children sending indecent images?

What does the law say when minors have possession of indecent images and what liability do Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have? Our expert Malcolm Johnson explains. More …