Accidents and injuries

The myth of reduced insurance premiums

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Car insurance

The BBC has reported that motorists could see their car insurance premiums reduced as a result of government plans to cut compensation for whiplash injuries. More …

Duty of care – guarding against foreseeable risks

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Personal Injury specialist Malcolm Johnson reviews the case of Edwards v London Borough of Sutton [2016] EWCA Civ 1005, examining issues of duty of care in common law negligence cases. More …

Insurers are continuing to take advantage of motorists

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car insurance

An article in the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers' PI Focus in September is a stark reminder of how motor insurers are benefiting from changes in personal injury litigation but are not passing on the benefits to drivers by way of lower premiums. More …

Staying safe in the countryside

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Walking through a field of farm animals can be very dangerous - They move quickly and can swiftly pen you in. Here is what you need to know in order to stay safe in the countryside. More …

Is driving a right or a privilege?

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Driver behind wheel

For many in this country, driving is a rite of passage and of vital importance as a tool for independence. Problems arise with how we treat drivers who show a complete lack of regard for other road users. If the dangerous are permitted to drive then that affects the safety of us all. More …

Employer responsibility – what is vicarious liability?

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Bad news for employers but good news for victims. I was pleased to read of two Supreme Court rulings which seek to expand even further and consolidate the legal principle of vicarious liability. More …

Passenger safety - Airbags & feet on the dashboard

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Have you ever been a passenger in a car with the sun basking down on you, you start to feel a bit hot and sleepy and think you will stretch your legs out on the dashboard? More …

Quad Bikes – drive for greater protection

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quad bike

Quad Bikes or ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles) are widely used in agricultural and forestry work. According to the HSE, vehicle related accidents are the single greatest cause of fatalities and injuries in the agricultural sector with Quad bikes responsible for 2 deaths on average per year. More …

Meadows vs La Tasca - when 'case not proven' does not mean a claimant is being dishonest.

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I was pleased to read this week that common sense has prevailed in the case of Meadows v La Tasca. The Claimant advised that she had sustained a personal injury at the Defendant restaurant after slipping on a greasy substance on the floor. More …

The perils of wearing high heels reaches new heights

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Can high heels cause back problems? If so how does this fit in with employers forcing employees to wear high heels as part of a dress code? Karen Thompson explains. More …