Accidents abroad

Storm Doris and flight cancellations

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February saw the UK face delays to transport thanks to Storm Doris. If you have had your travel arrangements affected by Storm Doris, you need to know your rights in terms of compensation. More …

Ski-Safe! Ensuring your travel insurance covers you

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Before anyone heads off to the slopes, it's important to ensure that you are fit, healthy, have the right kit and good travel insurance. Whilst some treatment is provided in the European Union under the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), that will not repatriate you to the UK or cover the cost of treatment at private hospitals. More …

Quad Bikes – drive for greater protection

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Quad Bikes or ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles) are widely used in agricultural and forestry work. According to the HSE, vehicle related accidents are the single greatest cause of fatalities and injuries in the agricultural sector with Quad bikes responsible for 2 deaths on average per year. More …

11 Top Tips - Beware of holiday homes and villa rental scams

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holiday villa rental scams

I have had my first request for advice in a matter relating to a holiday villa scam this summer season. I have therefore compiled my top 11 tips to avoid bogus and fraudulent holiday home and villa scams. More …

Five tips on how to enjoy your skiing holiday

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You never think you may be involved in an accident whilst skiing but it is worth taking a few minutes to consider the eventuality so if something does happen you have some idea of what to do. More …

Tourist's guide to the Greek crisis

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British nationals make about 2 million trips to Greece. Now that banks are limiting the amount that can be taken out of banks, tourists are travelling with more cash than they would normally take to Greece. More …

An essential summer holiday checklist

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If, unlike me, you are yet to take your summer holiday then you may soon be thinking about packing your bags and heading off to the sunshine. More …

Holiday heart syndrome: Drink sensibly this summer!

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Whilst you're enjoying that well deserved alcoholic beverage on the beach this summer it may be worth keeping in mind the impact on your health. More …

Top tips for a carefree holiday

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Family on holiday

From taking out travel insurance to ensuring your passport is up to date, read our top tips to a carefree holiday. More …