Road traffic accidents abroad

Quad Bikes – drive for greater protection

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quad bike

Quad Bikes or ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles) are widely used in agricultural and forestry work. According to the HSE, vehicle related accidents are the single greatest cause of fatalities and injuries in the agricultural sector with Quad bikes responsible for 2 deaths on average per year. More …

11 Top Tips - Beware of holiday homes and villa rental scams

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holiday villa rental scams

I have had my first request for advice in a matter relating to a holiday villa scam this summer season. I have therefore compiled my top 11 tips to avoid bogus and fraudulent holiday home and villa scams. More …

What would Brexit do to motor insurance?

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When thinking about the Brexit debate, it struck me that if we do leave, then decades of case law on the rights of injured motorists could be at risk. More …

Spanish public hospitals refuse EHIC

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I have been concerned for some time as to how UK tourists and Travel insurers are being treated by Spanish Hospitals. More …

Essential tips for leisure travellers

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As we are nearing the Easter holiday break, we have compiled some essential tips for those intending to travel in the near future. More …

Could these travel apps save your life?

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Fox News has shortlisted what its 8 travel apps that could save your life. Click here for the full list. More …

Driving abroad this Spring or Summer? Here are some top tips for staying safe

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Europe's roads remain some of the safest in the World and travel by coach one of the safest means of transport. Here are some safety tips to ensure your holiday is memorable for the right reasons. More …

Planning a staycation this year? Read on if you are driven by cost

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We all know how expensive it is to live in Britain day to day compared with many other countries. But holidaying abroad can be just as costly, depending on where you go and what you do. More …

Heading abroad this winter? Here are a few simple tips for staying safe

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Wherever you are travelling this winter, here are some of the tips to help you enjoy your holiday safely. More …