Hospital, NHS and GP negligence claims

The advantages of having a nurse in your clinical negligence team

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Sam Ward discusses how being a nurse has helped in her role as a Clinical Negligence Advisor. Read more about Sam's role and how her knowledge and experience benefits clients looking to make a clinical negligence claim. More …

Support for women who experience complications in childbirth

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Here are some birth related complications women should be able to receive compensation for so that they can benefit from the counselling and support they deserve after a traumatic labour. More …

Isle of Wight NHS Trust placed into special measures

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An NHS Trust on the Isle of Wight has been put into special measures following an investigation by the Care Quality Commission. Our Clinical Negligence expert explores the reasons behind the decision by the CQC. More …

New Guidance on informed consent for surgical procedures

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informed consent form

The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) has revealed new guidance regarding Informed Consent, advising that patients need to be fully aware of all of the available procedures and associated risks before giving their consent to surgery. More …

Honey may help prevent hospital infections

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Munuka honey

Research that has been carried out at the University of Southampton has provided promising evidence that Manuka honey, may in future be able to assist in preventing the development of infection from indwelling plastic medical devices such as indwelling catheters. More …

7th Annual Oxford Neurosurgical Conference

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I was lucky enough yesterday to attend the 7th annual Oxford neurosurgical conference. Whilst it is always interesting to attend legal updates, as a nurse working in law it is always refreshing and professionally stimulating to attend study days with a strong emphasis on the medical content More …

What does the recent Healthwatch report into Cancer services on the Isle of Wight reveal?

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It was interesting to read the latest report from Healthwatch. Some of the issues raised appear inevitable when you consider that the Isle of Wight is an island. However, others are very disappointing. More …

Hospital A&E wards in crisis over shortage of emergency doctors.

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Hospital A&E wards in crisis

There is a lot of talk of the NHS being in crisis due to funding - Patricia Wakeford explains how this might impact on Clinical Negligence claims. More …

Penalised for being well or an effective way to save the NHS money?

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Doctor's surgery

Should the NHS be allowed to de-register people from GP practices if they haven't attended for five years? Samantha Ward discusses how this proposal could impact patients and the NHS as a whole. More …

What does NHS England's report into Southern Health reveal?

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There has been considerable media comment about whether the chief executive of Southern Health NHS Trust should remain in her position following a report into the way in which a number of deaths were investigated by the Trust. More …