Hospital acquired infections

Honey may help prevent hospital infections

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Munuka honey

Research that has been carried out at the University of Southampton has provided promising evidence that Manuka honey, may in future be able to assist in preventing the development of infection from indwelling plastic medical devices such as indwelling catheters. More …

Ebola - should we be worried?

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Almost every day at the moment we hear stories in the news about the Ebola virus in West Africa. Joanna Burkhart looks at how serious a threat this is to people in the UK? More …

"Sign up to Safety" to halve NHS serious mistakes and save lives

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I welcome the announcement by the Health Secretary, reported by the BBC earlier this week under the banner "Sign up to Safety", to reduce the number of serious mistakes in hospitals over the next three years. More …

July 2013 is Group B Strep Awareness Month

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Group B Strep is the most common cause of serious infection in newborn babies. Most of these infections could be prevented. More …