Death and fatal accidents

Dying without dignity report

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Health Ombudsman

I was horrified to hear on the Today programme this morning about the Health Ombudsman's findings in their report Dying without dignity. More …

Driving over 70

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Over 70 drivers

As a nation we are all living much longer - but what happens when we reach the age of 70 and still want to drive a car? Julie Donovan explains what the law says about drivers aged 70 and over. More …

Bereavement Damages - will they ever be enough?

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Although no figure can ever compensate in full for losing a loved one, APIL have quoted the figure as 'insultingly low'. This sum can also only be claimed by a very narrow category of people who qualify for the award. More …

Ruling on Fatal Accident Act and alleged incompatibility with the European Convention on Human Rights

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Swift sought to argue that the Fatal Accidents Act was inconsistent with European Convention on Human Rights. Swift lost her partner in an accident. She was prevented from bringing a claim under the Fatal Accidents Act doing so as they were not married. More …