Orthopaedic surgery

Steroids and the risk of osteoporosis

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A young woman who had been prescribed steroid eye drops for uveitis, an eye condition in which the uvea, the pigmented layer within the eye, become inflamed, despite this she continued to be prescribed them over a number of months. More …

Injury Clinic

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Whilst browsing through the Daily Echo and enjoying my breakfast at my desk, before the phones start ringing and the quiet, calmness of the office disappears!, I was interested to read about The Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Centre of Excellence, aka Excel, that has opened at the Nuffield Health Wessex Hospital in Chandlers Ford. Just down the road from our Southampton office! More …

Inaccurate data regarding waiting times

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Following a review of 650 cases of elective orthopaedic surgery the National Audit Office (NAO) has found that information recorded by NHS Trusts regarding waiting times for such procedures are not accurate, with an overall tendency for delays to be concealed. More …

Spectacular result for Southampton Spinal patient

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Mili suffers from very severe scoliosis (curvature) of the spine, which was evident from as early as the age of 2. She reached the point where her pain was so bad that she was unable to walk up stairs so she opted to have surgery. More …