Blake Lapthorn joins new Brain Injury Group

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The Brain Injury Group comprises over 50 of the UK’s most experienced lawyers who specialise in brain injury cases.  The Brain Injury Group has been established to ensure that brain injury cases are given the precise, specialist legal attention that they deserve.  Increasingly, brain injuries are dealt with as ‘just another’ personal injury claim and the specific and varied needs of brain injured clients and their families are not always met. 

Claire Howard, head of Blake Lapthorn's Personal Injury team said: "This is a great opportunity to ensure that accident victims receive the full support they need at a very difficult time.  They aren't dependant on an insurance company agreeing to provide rehabilitation.  We are able to offer immediate practical help and support to victims and their families when they need it the most and hopefully this will provide reassurance to families.  It means they receive expert advice, not just in relation to legal issues but practical help from accountants and case managers. This support will be available not only at the beginning of any claim but through to its completion and beyond."

Compensation alone is not enough

The Brain Injury Group understands that injured individuals and their families face many months of anxiety and uncertainty.  Compensation alone isn’t enough.  After the initial shock has subsided, the reality of a brain injury hits home hard.  Day-to-day issues need to be dealt with while also caring for the injured individual.  The Brain Injury Group helps affected families come to terms with their change in circumstances and can help to ease their financial and emotional burdens.

Who can use the Brain Injury Group?

People who have sustained a brain injury as the result of an accident or someone else’s negligence are eligible to receive help from the Brain Injury Group.  This could be newly injured people or families seeking access to a local specialist law firm; people who have a lawyer but feel they may not be receiving the specialist expert care and attention they need or those whose cases have already been settled but who feel they may have been undercompensated.

To contact the Brain Injury Group either call 0800 612 9660 or visit:
Dan Baber, Public Relations Manager at Blake Lapthorn
T: 07771 930 084
Claire Howard, Head of Blake Lapthorn's Personal Injury team
T: 023 8085 7313

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