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On Tuesday 14 June 2011, in the Civic Centre, Southampton, HM Coroner for Southampton City and the New Forest, Mr Keith St. John Wiseman will hear the inquest into the circumstances of the death of the late Mr Philip Caines, who died in Southampton General Hospital on 15 November 2009, having suffered from an infection in his blood and paralysis of his legs.

Mr Caines had been unwell and attended his general practitioner for back pain and kidney problems.  He developed shakes and sweats and terrible pain and he was admitted urgently on 12 November 2009 to Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth.  On 14 November 2009, his legs became weak and paralysed and it was suspected that this might be caused by pressure developing on his spinal cord.  Mr Caines was in such severe pain that it was not possible to undertake the necessary scans without an anaesthetic and therefore he had to be transferred the next day to the neurological unit in Southampton for further treatment.

Mr Caines spent over two hours that afternoon in the scanner and in the evening he was then transferred back to intensive care for further monitoring.  Shortly afterwards he suffered from a cardiac arrest.  In spite of the efforts of the intensive care staff it was not possible to stabilise his condition and he was declared dead that evening. 

The inquest will hear evidence from the neurosurgeon and from the anaesthetist responsible for Mr Caines' treatment and also from a pathologist as to the cause of death. 

Mr Caines had a career in the navy and he leaves a widow and two sons.  Mr John White, partner at Blake Lapthorn solicitors, is representing the family.  He said: "Mr Caines' death was a great shock to the family who have struggled to cope in the aftermath.  Mrs Caines is uncertain as to what medical procedures were carried out on her late husband and she questions what happened in the scanner on the day of his death.  I hope that the inquest will shed light on what exactly happened and that we receive the explanations we are seeking."

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