Top Tips For a Safe And Enjoyable Cruise This Summer

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Well apart from the above, there are other potential pitfalls that could spoil a passenger's enjoyment of a cruise. There have been incidents of fires on board ship, theft and widespread outbreaks of illnesses. For example, last year the Boudicca experienced a number of its passengers contracting the noro virus with many being confined to their cabins for a period of time. P & O Cruise ships such as the Aurora and Arcadia instructed passengers not to use the promenade decks and keep their cabin curtains closed between 6.50 pm - 7.00 am as they past the Gulf of Arden through fear of being attacked by pirates. And in March 2006, as a result of discarded cigarette, the Star Princess of Princess Cruises caught fire while bound for Jamaica.
It is very easy for passengers caught up in the excitement of a cruise to become complacent about their own safety and as a consequence we recommend some precautions you should take to remain safe.
Firstly, do not throw lit cigarettes overboard since there is a tendency for them to be drawn back into the ship. Most ships have sand buckets which smokers should use to stub out their cigarettes. 
Secondly, watch out for any potential thieves. Thieves on board ship tend to target luggage in particular. It is advisable not to carry expensive luggage since they act as an allurement for thieves. It is suggested that important items such as jewellery, medication and money should be kept in the hand luggage. Keep your luggage under control until it has been checked in by the cruise liner. Make sure that you do not list your full address on the luggage name tags.
Thirdly, accidents can happen on board. Always act sensibly, try not to drink an excessive amount of alcohol, avoid walking on deck alone at night and do not run whilst on board ship, particularly if you are near a swimming pool.
Fourthly, as you will appreciate, cruise ships tend to accommodate large numbers of people in small areas and this inevitably give rise to health concerns. Therefore it is good practice to visit your General Practitioner before you board ship and find out what vaccinations you may need for the locations you intend to visit. Whilst on board ship, familiarise yourself with the ship's layout. It may be useful to know where the ship's doctor is based in case of an emergency. Wash your hands on a regular basis, especially after using any public facilities. You may find using disinfecting wipes more convenient. Through the internet, you could check whether the ship you are about to board has had a recent history of illnesses and if it has, you may wish to contact the cruise liner and seek further clarification beforehand.
Finally, always keep your shoes on. This will not only protect you from catching some contagious illness but will also prevent you from stepping on any harmful objects.
The above list is not exhaustive and providing you use your common sense at all times, your cruise is likely to pass without incident.
Bon Voyage!

Ian Jenkins
Legal Executive

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