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The three week process started on the 30 June and will look at the future of around 200 regulations. Ministers will consider all regulations taking into account the views of the public, businesses, charities and volunteer groups and consider which ones need removing from the statute books.  The regulations subject to public scrutiny fall under four themes  -  general health and safety, major hazard industries, higher risk workplaces, and dealing with hazardous chemicals and materials. 
Chris Grayling has said" this is the opportunity that every beleaguered business leader, incredulous community group or outraged newspaper reader has been waiting for - a chance to directly change the laws underpinning Britain's health and safety culture". 
Once the process is over it is hoped that it will ease unnecessary burdens on business, and remove the barriers created by excessive health and safety laws which are said to be  'stifling small firms and threatening economic growth’. The IOSH  (Institution of Occupational, Safety and Health)  have also concluded that if the regulations are not shaken up to deal with the risks to injury and illness in the workplace, UK businesses risk losing their competitive edge. 
However, there are concerns that, scrapping, or simplifying of the health and safety regulations will risk  damage to  people' s health ,lead to more accidents or put employees' safety at risk.
In a recent FPB (Forum of Private Business) survey, 59% of respondents said they were confident that such a review will be beneficial, while almost one in five said they did not expect it to have a positive impact.
The Ministers have a large task ahead of them and only have until the Autumn of 2011 to advise of their recommendations on the future of the regulations.   
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