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To ensure your claim is processed as quickly as possible, it is important you cooperate with the travel insurer's request for additional information, clarification and supporting documents. 

Insurers will want to see a paper trail of any items you are seeking to claim.  If there is no documentary evidence, for example receipts or invoices, then the insurers will want a logical explanation before they are prepared to pay under the terms of the policy.  You should also bear in mind that any relevant excess will be deducted from payments the insurer agrees to make. 

If you go on to make a successful claim against a third party who caused the accident or who is to blame for the claim under your travel policy then you can claim back any excess paid.  Your insurer will also want to recover any payments they have made to you as a result of someone else's negligence or breach of contract.  Even if you do not make a claim, your insurer may require your cooperation and assistance in claiming back from the third party monies they have paid out to you.  Most travel insurance policy terms and conditions require the insured to provide information and assistance to help with what is known as a subrogated claim.

If you travelled without insurance and now need to make a claim because of an accident or some other incident while you were abroad then it is important you have good detail about what happened together with documentary evidence such as medical records, incident reports (either from the hotel, police or both), photographs and any witness details.  The more evidence you have, the better the prospects of you being able to pursue your claim under a no win, no fee arrangement in the absence of legal expenses cover under an insurance policy. 

Often, we can still help even if you only have limited information about what happened so it is always worth making an enquiry to see what advice and assistance we can provide. 

Before contacting a solicitor about making a claim as a result of an accident abroad, think about collating as much of the following information as possible:

  • Details of all parties involved in the accident, including full name, address, telephone number and car registration numbers if it was a road traffic accident.
  • Details of any witnesses, including full name, address and telephone number if possible.
  • Accident report forms completed at the time or after the incident.
  • Photographs of the accident location and your injuries.
  • Any reports from the local police or other local authorities.
  • Details of medical treatment received abroad, together with any records or certificates issued by the foreign hospital.
  • An account of what happened.  It is best jot down a brief account while it is fresh in your memory and to draw a sketch plan if appropriate.
  • Details all expenses you incur as a result of the accident, together with receipts and invoices.  If the expenses are ongoing then you should continue to keep a detailed record with evidence to support.  You should also keep a note of any care and assistance provided by relatives or friends as this can sometimes be added to a claim.

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