Suspension of staff at Revoe Primary School in Blackpool

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The BBC reports that staff, including the headteacher at Revoe Primary School in Blackpool have been suspended, and that police are investigating allegations that relate to "pupil well being." There is no suggestion of any kind of sexual assault.

The local authority has refused to comment further. The school teaches children aged between two and eleven years of age. 
Any kind of assault on a child by a teacher is a very serious matter.Section 548 of the Education Act 1996 tells schools

"to refrain from carrying out, authorising or allowing any form of corporal punishment or any kind of punishment constituting a battery that could not be justified under Section 58 of the Children Act 2004.  Schools are also forbidden from carrying out, authorising or allowing the enforcement of any disciplinary penalty that would be contrary to education law (Sections 91 and 93 Education and Inspection Act 2008).

There is also a Code of Conduct and Practice for Registered Teachers effective from the 1st October 2009 issued by the General Teaching Council for England, which states that schools must ensure that teachers are:-

  1. putting the well-being, development and progress of children first
  2. taking responsibility for maintaining the quality of teaching practice
  3. helping children to become confident and successful learners
  4. demonstrating respect for diversity and promoting equality 
  5. striving to establish productive partnerships with parents and carers
  6. working as part of a whole-school team
  7. demonstrating honesty and integrity and upholding public trust and confidence in the teaching profession.

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