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Sue Jarvis leads one of the country's few specialist cerebral palsy teams which acts for clients all over the country. The team, which is based in Oxford, has recently been strengthened by the addition of solicitor Fiona Roberts. Sue Jarvis has a huge amount of experience in bringing claims abandoned by other, less experienced, solicitors.

The team has had an exceptional year in obtaining life-changing awards for a further six severely disabled clients.

The team works with specialist medical and disability experts to ensure the best outcome for the clients, who use the compensation to move to specially adapted accommodation often with a hydrotherapy pool, appoint a professional care regime, and purchase aids and equipment to maximise their quality of life.

Legal aid is still available for most cerebral palsy claims and the parents' means are immaterial to funding. Clients receive the full amount of damages with no proportion being taken to pay legal costs. Alternatively cases can be taken on a 'no win no fee' basis. Many cases are for adults who suffered medical accidents around the time of their birth since there is often no time limit in bringing a claim where the client has learning difficulties.

Sue Jarvis believes it is always worth investigating whether someone with cerebral palsy may have a claim and Sue Jarvis is happy to speak informally on the telephone to discuss a potential claim.

In March 2013 an award of £7.3 million was approved by the High Court for Robbie Crane where he was hyperventilated shortly after his birth following heart surgery at Harefield Hospital in October 1999. Robbie has severe cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, behavioural problems and epilepsy and the settlement has enabled his parents to purchase and adapt a property and will ensure that he receives the care, therapy, aids and equipment that he needs for the rest of his life even when his parents are no longer there to care for him.

Judgment was obtained in the High Court in November 2012 for Lauren Ansell who was born in 1998 and became severely ill when she was 9 months old. She was admitted to hospital but she did not receive appropriate treatment and her condition deteriorated into meningitis, fitting and subsequent brain damage. Lauren now suffers from profound deafness and, despite a cochlear implant, she has severe communication problems and her speech is difficult to understand. She has problems with coordination and balance, learning difficulties, dyspraxia, behavioural problems and mild epilepsy. The amount of the claim is yet to be determined and an interim payment has been obtained to enable her parents to begin to purchase suitable accommodation and professional support which Lauren needs whilst the amount of the claim is determined.

Nathan Harper was born at St Mary's Hospital in Portsmouth in July 1997. He suffered severe brain damage resulting in cerebral palsy, severe speech difficulties and learning difficulties because of a delay in his delivery. In July 2013 Judgment was entered for Nathan and an interim payment has been obtained to purchase and adapt suitable accommodation and recruit professional carers as well as aids and equipment whilst the amount that Nathan will receive is being determined.

In August 2013 Judgment was entered for Ben Cropper following negligent treatment shortly after his birth at Leeds General Infirmary in 1991 which caused severe permanent brain damage. Ben suffers from severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. He is wheelchair bound and needs help with everyday activities such as washing, dressing and feeding himself. An interim payment will be used to purchase and adapt a property and pay for a team of carers and support staff as well as buy the aids and equipment whilst the full value of the claim is being determined.

Further success was achieved for Mattia Dessi, after there was over 7 hours delay in delivering Mattia at Watford General Hospital in 2004. Judgment was entered in October 2013 for Mattia who suffered a lack of oxygen at birth which caused severe brain damage. He suffers from severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy with no useful movement of his limbs. He has epilepsy and is blind. He is doubly incontinent, is tube fed and he cannot speak. The High Court approved an agreement that the Trust will pay a lump sum and annual payments worth about £4 million which will ensure that Mattia receives the highly specialist care he needs for the rest of his life, which is severely reduced as a result of his disabilities. It has been life changing for the family who have moved to accommodation which is being adapted to meet Mattia's needs. A specialist team of carers is being appointed to provide the care Mattia needs for the rest of his life.

Judgment was entered in November 2013 for Ronak Patel who was awarded a package worth £7 million compensation following alleged negligent mismanagement by Northwick Park Hospital of his mother's appendicitis when she was seven months' pregnant. Ronak suffers from severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy, epilepsy, severe learning difficulties and he has no useful vision or speech. He has no useful movement in his limbs and communicates by facial expressions. The claim is remarkable because Ronak's parents were advised by their solicitor soon after he was born that the claim was unlikely to succeed. They looked after Ronak to the best of their ability until they were no longer able to cope and had to place Ronak in residential care. The family had heard that Sue Jarvis had succeeded in obtaining compensation for clients who had been brain damaged at birth many years after the damage occurred and sought her assistance. Thanks to Blake Lapthorn's specialist cerebral palsy team in Oxford the claim was successful and Ronak will move back with his family into specially adapted accommodation with a team of dedicated specialist staff to provide the 24 hour care that he needs for the rest of his life.

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